Embracing Emergence Christianity


Embracing Emergence Christianity:
Phyllis Tickle on the Church’s Next Rummage Sale: A 6-Session Study
Phyllis Tickle
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Publication Date: June 1, 2011
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Author, historian and keen cultural observer Phyllis Tickle invites us to join her in examining the changing face of Christianity and culture. Phyllis surveys 2000 years of Western history, identifying the great upheavals that occur in Western culture and Christianity every 500 years. The last was the Great Reformation of the 1500’s; the next is happening now. What are the implications of this Great Emergence, both culturally and spiritually? What are the key questions and issues that need to be addressed? Where might we be headed next? And, perhaps most importantly, where are you, at this moment? Might you be an emergence Christian? There are six sessions on the DVD. Each session begins with a video presentation by Phyllis Tickle, lasting from 10-15 minutes. Ms. Tickle s presentation is followed by filmed interaction with a small group. The Participant Workbook then helps your small group join the dialogue in your own setting.

Session 1: Emergence 101
Session 2: Where Now is the Authority?
Session 3: The 20th Century and Emergence
Session 4: G ifts from Other Times
Session 5: How Then Shall We Live?
Session 6: Hallmarks of Emergence