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What They Are Saying

“Phyllis Tickle brings so many gifts to the table that it is sometimes hard to believe there is only one heartbeat behind them all. She is a seer, a scholar, a spiritual guide, a literary and cultural savant, a walking encyclopedia, and a mentor to more people than there are seconds in the day. Above all, she is a faithful lover of God and all to whom that love relates her. Reading her is second best to knowing her, but read her you must.”

                                      Barbara Brown Taylor

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As was reported by David Gibson of Religion News Service on May 22, 2015, Phyllis Tickle, the retired founding editor of the Religion department of Publishers Weekly, authority on religion in America, and author of nearly forty books including The Divine Hours series and The Great Emergence, has been diagnosed with inoperable stage four lung cancer. She remains in reasonably good health, but has cancelled all travel and speaking commitments.


A literary trust is being formed for the purposes of guiding the use of Phyllis’s work in the years to come. This trust will be comprised of Joseph Durepos, Phyllis’s longtime friend and literary agent, Jon M. Sweeney, another of Phyllis’s longtime friends in the publishing industry and a sometime collaborator, and Sam Tickle, Jr., her son. Sweeney has also been named “official biographer” by the Trust.


Phyllis is contemplating a last book of reflection at the end of a fruitful, grace-filled life on the meaning of death, home, and soul. She is discussing this now with friends.


Phyllis will continue to be in communication with friends, colleagues, and readers in the weeks and months ahead. Media who wish to contact her may do so through Kelly Hughes.